HealthOne is excited to announce its partnership with KYŌ Daily Reflection app! KYŌ is a wellness app that fuels your reflective journaling practice with curated questions from some of the most inspiring people around the world. To begin our partnership together, we got together with KYŌ to talk about reflective practices to begin a new year.

An estimated 50% of North Americans participate in some form of New Year’s resolutions. However, by the end of January many of us may have already fallen off track. Despite New Years being a great time to set fresh intentions and reassess our habits and routines, we often do it in a way that doesn’t exactly set us up for success.

Instead of a specific resolution, there is a new movement towards taking stock of our previous year in the form of a year-end reflective exercise. Year-end reviews are a great way to understand yourself better, and start a fresh new year with focused intent.

It is definitely not too late to take charge of your year ahead, and below we will give you specific ideas of how to put this practice into action!

“One way to set yourself up for a great year is to have a solid end of year reflective practice that translates into consistent daily or weekly behaviours” - Marc Champagne @ KYŌ App

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There are several ways to create an amazing year end reflective exercise that will help you be happier, healthier, and more focused in the new year. Here are some of our favourites:

1. KYŌ App “The Next 12 Months” - The Next 12 Months is a set of questions specifically developed as a year end reflective exercise by the awesome co-founder of KYŌ, Marc Champagne. This KYŌ pack will help draw your awareness to specific topics in order to create new strategies to be more effective next year. Also, check out the free KYŌ packs Weekly Review, Planning/Goal Setting, and Reflecting for more great reflective exercises.

2. Calendar Review - For a very simple year end review get out of a piece of paper and write two columns: “Happy” and “Less Happy”. Go through your calendar over the past year and pull out items that stand out as making you feel one or the other. When you’re done, look for themes in each list. If certain things repeatedly made you happier - add more of them! If something repeatedly made you less happy - try to figure out how to do less of it.

3. Goal-Specific Reviewing - This type of review is great if you already have a clear new year’s resolution in mind, such as quitting smoking, exercising more, or being more helpful to others. Think back over the last year and identify obstacles you encountered related to this goal. Are there certain situations, settings, or people that make you more likely to deviate from your intention?

Numerous healthcare practitioners recommend reflective writing and journaling exercises for benefits such as actualization of goals, stress reduction, emotional release, enhanced creativity, and creating a deeper relationship with your own self.

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If you are looking to create a new journaling practice this year, KYŌ app is a HealthOne favourite. There are always areas of your life that could benefit from increased awareness, and KYŌ makes this possible with numerous reflective topics including financial freedom, happiness, and health & well-being.

Make sure to look out for HealthOne’s very own KYŌ pack called Inspired Living!

Reflections With Kyõ

Posted by Healthone on March 11 2019

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