Keeping a positive mindset in times of stress can be a challenge, especially when social connection is limited and typical health and fitness routines may be unavailable.

To support our community at HealthOne, we got together with our Psychotherapist, Ariel Blau, to get his 5 best tips for cultivating a positive mindset.

Tip #1 Count Your Blessings

In situations where people are anxious, it is useful to make sure you are not focusing only on the negatives. Gratitude has the power to make you see things in a positive manner and actually helps you live longer.

Make a daily list of things in your life for which you are grateful.

Tip #2 Exercise As Much As Possible

Exercise can help you power-up your immune system, feel good about your health, and it is one of the best medicines for stress, depression and anxiety.

For mental health, this means to do anything your doctor allows, which may include a 7 minute interval workout, a brisk walk with your dog, or dancing to your favourite music at home!

Tip #3 Complete Outstanding Tasks

Take the time to catch up on new skills you want to learn.  Take a course online.

Finish the project, book, masterpiece, quilt, or model that you had left unfinished. Call your long-estranged best friend from school or university. Plan your garden. Make some bad or good art. Catch up on your favorite movies.

Learn to cook a specific cuisine. Start an online book club.

Tip #4 Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is shown to lower blood pressure, help with mood and anxiety, helps you be more productive when you return to the office, reduces stress, and helps prevent burnout.

There are many amazing meditation apps available for free.

Tip #5 Give Thanks To Canada

Give thanks that you live in the wonderful country of Canada, where medical attention is available for all and everyone is coming together to support each other.

Use a video chat application to connect with your friends and stay connected to your fellow friendly Canadians.

If you are seeking support with your emotional and mental health during this time, we are offering all of our wellness services virtually.

Call our Wellness Clinic anytime to make an appointment with our Psychotherapists, Naturopathic Doctor, or Registered Dietitians.

Your in Health,

The HealthOne Team

5 Tips to Stay Positive & Healthy

Posted by Healthone on March 26 2020

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