For many of us trying to live a healthy lifestyle, packing lunches for work is an ongoing battle!  Many people face obstacles such as lack of time and convenience, that leave us headed for the food court. However, bringing a lunch is one of the best ways to make sure we are eating healthy everyday. Restaurant and take-out meals are often full of added sugar, salt, and inflammatory oils, and often come in very large portions. Not to mention, preparing lunches in advance will allow you to save money and feel less stressed in the mornings!

When it comes to packing a healthy lunch for work, try implementing these tips:

Plan Ahead
To start, write out a few healthy meals for the entire week that you feel comfortable preparing quickly. Dedicating a little extra time every Sunday evening to plan out the meals for the week can simplify this process. Remember, aim for a healthy meal, not a perfect meal.

Use the Right Container
Sectioned Tupperware, hot thermoses for soup, water bottles - all options are readily available. I prefer glass containers over any other containers because

  • The glass is free from any leakage and safe for use over and over again.
  • The glass containers can be recycled.
  • Glass containers can easily go from the freezer to the oven to the table without any trouble.
  • Microwave friendly - food stored in a freeze in glass bowls can be quickly microwaved.

Pair Protein with Veggies
Pair a serving of protein with veggies to make a complete and satisfying lunch. If you are in a rush, a natural protein bar can be a great addition. Cauliflower, shredded cabbage or carrots, broccoli, or spiralized zucchini are all creative options to make vegetables the base of your meal.

Stay Hydrated
Keep water handy. Keeping a bottle of water on your desk will help to remind to stay hydrated.  Bringing some lemon slices to add might also help you avoid sugary drinks!  If you are craving carbonation, try sparkling water instead of sugary alternatives.

Hunger-busting Fibre
Eating fibre is similar to eating protein in that it not only keeps our gut happy but also takes longer for the body to digest. Fibre helps you to feel full for a longer duration. It will also help you avoid that 3PM craving for high-sugar junk food.

Leave Yourself Reminders!
Try some mental tricks to remember your lunch.Hang your car keys on the fridge.
Put a sticky note on your shoes.
Hang your lunch bag on the doorknob.
Shift your fridge in front of the door... well, probably avoid that one.

Remember, it's worth the effort to prepare a healthy lunch. With a little planning, you can create a meal that will help you with a productive and energized afternoon.

If you would like to speak to a dietitian about how to prepare healthier lunches for work, visit our wellness clinic, or book an appointment here!

One life, live inspired.

Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas For Work

Posted by Healthone on December 2 2019

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