More and more research is confirming the importance of community and connection in emotional health and overall wellbeing. In fact, community is one of common threads between the Blue Zones - areas in the world with the highest number of people living over 100 years old.

Working and living with good community support can help us lead a healthy life, not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

Benefits of Social Support and Community:


1. Reducing Emotional Stress

There is a significant correlation between psychological distress and social support systems as we age, with key metric being number of close friends. It is important to stay involved with a community that we enjoy spending time with throughout our lives.

2. Promotes Good Mental Health

Social support can decrease anxiety and discomfort which can promote good mental health.

3. Lowers Cardiovascular Risks

The absence of social or marital support is a significant risk factor for poor prognosis in cardiac patients. Being surrounded by family and friends who care for you can help you overcome any cardiovascular risks.

Some are many ways that you can promote a healthy lifestyle in your community.

  • Practice Healthy Habits at Home

If you want to encourage change in others for a better society, it should start within you. Lead through example and others will surely follow.

Help a family member, who needs support by talking together or encouraging counseling with a therapist.

  • Volunteer in the Community

Pick a cause that interests you and get involved. The internet can be an awesome tool for finding people with your similar interests. Try joining a meetup group at Offer to volunteer in a community effort such as tree planting, litter cleaning, or distributing meals at a local food bank.

  • Go to the Gym or Class

Physical fitness is a must for a healthy living. You can make new friends while you exercise!

  • Take a Class

Learning together can in a course or workshop allows you in connect with others on topics of interest you share.

Try to reach out to others and make new friends, initiate a healthy talk among others or improve upon the relationships you already have by disconnecting from your cell phone and spending quality time together.

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The Importance of Social Support and Community for Healthy Living

Posted by Healthone on December 20 2019

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