Itchy eyes, sneezing, nasal congestion, hives – if you suffer from allergies, you’re familiar with these symptoms. But it doesn’t have to be ragweed season to start feeling discomfort. Many of us face allergies regardless of what time of year it is.

Allergies get in the way of everyday life and quite frankly, they’re an inconvenience. It’s time for you to find relief the natural way!

At HealthOne, we’re firm believers in a unified approach to healthcare. This means we use an inter-professional team-based approach that combines naturopathic and allopathic practitioners.

Natural Ways to Manage Common Allergy Symptoms

It’s necessary to manage your symptoms. But it’s equally important to understand why you’re experiencing them. A holistic approach allows you to identify the root cause of your allergies and treat them from the inside out.

Identifying Allergies

Treating allergy symptoms naturally starts with viewing the person as a whole. For Dr. Saira Kassam, our Naturopathic Doctor, a holistic approach to care is what she uses in all areas of practice.

“You have one body, and it all works together. I’m a firm believer in testing and not guessing. I find this really important to understand what’s happening within.”

This is why her first suggestion for managing allergy symptoms is to identify what you’re allergic to. The most common allergies include drugs, food, insects, latex, mould, pets, and pollen. Once you know the cause, you can begin to make lifestyle changes that reduce your exposure to it.

“For example, if it’s pets – bathing them once a week can be really helpful. Or creating pet-free zones in your home. If you’re allergic to dust, things like changing your bedding every week, removing things like carpets – can be really important.”

Types of allergies

Improving Your Environment

The role your environment plays in allergies is often overlooked. We spend 80-90% of our time at home. So, it’s no surprise that most allergens are found in our polluted indoor air.

“Poor air quality can really increase the frequency and severity of allergy symptoms. Being able to get those things out of the air and collected into a purifier can be really helpful.”

Poor indoor air quality also plays a role in how many people suffer from symptoms. In fact, an estimated 25-30% of the world’s population suffers from allergies. If you’re fed up with your itchy eyes and blocked sinuses, you aren’t struggling alone.

Dr. Saira and the HealthOne team recommend Rowenta Canada’s air purification technology to our clients for better air quality at home. The Rowenta Pure Air is an innovative purifier with 4 filtration levels. This allows for a maximized reduction of allergens in the air. Everything from large particles (dust, human and animal hair) to the fine particles you don’t see can be filtered.

Did you know that in 2012, the World Health Organization stated the number of premature deaths from air pollution at a startling 7 million? The benefits of an air purifier don’t stop with allergies. You’ll also be avoiding further health complications, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. Support a healthy lifestyle naturally and learn more about Rowenta here.

Improving Your Environment

Detoxifying from the Inside Out

You can reduce your allergies naturally with lifestyle changes and an air purifier. But a third piece that’s equally important is clearing out your detox pathways. These are the routes toxins take to move through – and out of – your body. The three primary detox systems are your liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system.

“I like to tell patients your detox pathways are like a cup. When they are getting overflowed with things like environmental allergies or food allergies, you’re slowly filling that “cup”. When it gets full, you’re clogging your detox pathways. This means you won’t be able to clear out a lot of toxins that are being accumulated.”

This is why working with a Naturopathic Doctor can benefit your overall health and wellbeing. A food sensitivity test can help you learn how your body reacts to energy sources. You can then reduce and/or remove these foods from your diet. As a result, you will be clearing out your detox pathways (or "cup").

“Decreasing the load of these detox pathways can actually help to alleviate those symptoms. That’s why addressing food sensitivities is really important.”

But the link between your diet and allergies doesn’t stop there. Your gut biome plays a big role in the development in your biology. This is because 99% of your immune system lives in your gut. Choosing foods that support your gut health is a great way to treat symptoms naturally from within.

"Lots of fiber, avoiding highly processed foods, eating lots of greens and fermented foods can really help. They improve the health of your gut, and therefore, help your immune system.”

highly processed food diet

You can even add to your gut-friendly approach to nutrition with supplements. According to Dr. Saira, people with a Vitamin D deficiency can be more likely to get allergies. So, it’s helpful to get your levels checked before you start supplementing. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant. Bioflavonoids can even act as a natural histamine.

Dr. Saira’s last recommendation is acupuncture. Originally used in traditional Chinese medicine, this treatment involves a doctor pressing thin needles into specific areas of the body.

Acupuncture can act effectively on the nervous and immune systems. It can help to alleviate symptoms like itchy eyes, swelling, runny nose, and stuffiness. This natural treatment can provide relief and be done at our clinic by Dr. Saira or another member of our Wellness team.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to allergies, a natural approach is an excellent way to get started.

“What I like to say is, if the natural route isn’t working then you can look to take antihistamines. But I like to take the natural route first to see if it helps so you can take a holistic, full-body standpoint.”

Addressing the root causes can improve your symptoms and lead to better health overall. Itchy eyes, sneezing, and nasal congestion don’t have to last forever. Incorporate these natural suggestions to treat your allergies from the inside out. It’s time to start feeling like yourself again!

Dr. Saira offers food sensitivity testing, acupuncture, and other services at our clinic. A naturopathic approach to medicine can support your journey. Click here to book an appointment.

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Natural Ways to Manage Common Allergy Symptoms

Posted by Healthone on October 23 2020

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