Ever feel like your current work environment isn't supporting your inspired living goals? At HealthOne, we understand that moving regularly is easier said than done when it comes to our modern work environment. Spending your days sitting at the computer can create long periods of sedentarity for even the most active individuals, leading to increased health risk.

That’s why we are excited to partner with Ergonofis to bring their modern workplace solutions to the Toronto PATH.  Ergonofis creates ergonomically designed sit-stand desks and workplace aids, to help you live the active life you desire.  

Ergonofis shares our goal of helping people feel more inspired. They achieve this through providing ergonomic office furniture to help people feel healthier, more productive, and truly thrive at their work everyday.

Mobility and flexibly are essential for all that we do as humans.  Moving regularly aids in healthy levels of circulation, metabolism and respiration.  

- HealthOne Medical & Wellness

The Ergonofis Story

Ergonofis was born when co-founder Sam launched his online company and needed to spend more time working on his computer. Being conscious of how terrible sitting all day is to our health, he lodged his old car tires under his desk to build a fixed-height standing desk.⁣

However, Sam soon realized that standing all day isn’t ideal for our health either!  So he partnered with co-founder Kim and they focused efforts on building exceptional products for office workers.⁣

Ergonofis builds beautifully designed sit-stand adjustable desks that are intuitive to use. Sit-stand desks that inspire you to move a little more every day, that help you be more productive and that give you some creativity along the way.

The Sway

This month at the HealthOne Hub we are featuring one of Ergonofis’ most popular products, the Sway sit-stand desk.  The Sway has a touch screen that allows you to adjust the height of the desk whenever you feel the need to move. It features top of the line built in motors and high quality wood sourced in Canada.  It’s beautiful Scandinavian design is hand-made in Montreal to guarantee the best possible quality.

I’ve tried a lot of adjustable desks before getting the Sway and let me tell you: it’s the best one.  It’s stable, sturdy, and incredibly good-looking.

- Kevin Clark

A recent study concluded, “Active workstations are a promising solution for decreasing occupational sedentariness. Overall, active workstations have a positive impact on energy expenditure and physical activity in individuals with overweight and obesity(Josephat et al, 2019).

Learn More

If you are curious about creating an active work environment in your home or office, Ergonofis currently has a pop-up location in the HealthOne Hub!  Stop by anytime in the month of June to see how their innovative and beautiful ergonomic desks, chairs, and office accessories could be the perfect way to take your healthy lifestyle to the next level.

To see a full listing of Ergonofis products and solutions for modern workers, visit their website at www.ergonofis.com

Have an inspired day!

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Creating an Inspired Work Space with Ergonofis

Posted by Healthone on June 3 2019

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