Exercise is vital for our mental and physical health and is even more important during periods of self-isolation. Making a daily habit of workouts can lift your mood and keep you active while spending more time at home.

Studies show that exercising in the morning is best when trying to build a consistent routine. Wake up at a reasonable hour and enjoy being able to fit in 30 minutes of exercise every day.

No gym and no equipment are required!

HealthOne presents these exercises for beginners to help you to stay on track. Using only your own body weight, these adaptable moves can help you create a whole-body-at-home workout that fits your needs and capabilities.

1. Happy Frogs Jumps

Body Part: Lower body strengthening

Muscles Involved: Quads, Glutes, Hip Flexors, Calves, Hamstrings



To begin with, start from a squat position. Make sure that your squat form is correct and the toes are turned out at an angle.

  • Jump up and land back on your toes and squat.
  • Breathe in while in squat stance and breathe out when jumping.
  • Start with 10-15 reps or 30 seconds set. Increase the reps as your stamina increases.


Tip: Try jumping forward and backward to get a good workout for your glutes.



2. Push-Ups with Bent Knee

Body Part: Shoulder and Triceps strengthening 

Muscles Involved: Pectoralis Major


  • Kneel down on the mat and hold your feet together.
  • Position your hands shoulder-width apart, back straight and head looking forward. Bring your body weight forward and stiffen your torso by contracting the core and abdominal muscles.
  • Slowly lower your body towards the mat or floor while sustaining the rigid torso and head positioned straight with your spine.
  • Lower yourself till your chest or chin touches the mat or floor. Your elbows should remain either in close proximity to the body or flare outwards slightly.
  • Press upwards till the arms are fully extended.
  • Start with 5-7 reps or 30 seconds set. Increase the reps as your stamina increases.

Tip:  Don’t increase your reps too quickly in the beginning as it can cause stress on your wrists.



3. Superman Exercise

Body Part: Back & Abs strengthening 

Muscles Involved: Glutes



  • Lie face down on the floor or mat with your arms and legs stretched out.
  • Breathe out and uplift your arms and legs at the same time so that your body gets in a bowl shape.
  • Hold in this position for 5-7 seconds and feel as if you are flying.

Tip: You should feel your glutes and hamstrings working in this position.

  • Slowly lower to the straight position, breathe in and relax.
  • Make sure that your head is in line with your spine.
  • Start with 5-7 reps or 30 seconds set. Increase the reps as your stamina increases.


Tip: Alternate Limb Raise- For a harder variation, raise your right arm and left leg off the mat. Hold for 5 seconds and slowly relax. Repeat with opposite arm and leg.


4. Glute Bridge

Body Part: Butt & Abs strengthening

Muscles Involved: Glutes, Hamstrings,  Core and Thighs


  • Lie on your back in a bent-knee position with your feet flat on the floor or mat.
  • With your feet hip-width apart, contract your abdominal muscles and maintain this contraction throughout the exercise.
  • Breathe out while contracting your Glutes and uplift your butt off from the floor.
  • Hold the position for 5 - 7 seconds or 30 seconds set.
  • Breathe in and lower your back to starting position and relax. Increase the reps as your stamina increases.

Tip: Slowly progress by extending one leg while in a raised position. Repeat with the other leg.


5. Bent Knee Crunches

Body Part: Core strengthening 

Muscles Involved: Abs


  • Lie on your back on the floor or mat. Lift your glutes off the floor until your shins are parallel to the floor. Maintain this position throughout the workout.
  • Position your hands behind your head squeezing your shoulder blades.
  • Breathe out, contract your core muscles and lift your torso. Keep curling your body until your upper back is raised off the floor.
  • Your lower back should touch the floor at all times. Hold the posture for 3 seconds.
  • Breathe in, slowly uncurl your body back to the first posture and relax.
  • Start with 10 reps. Increase your reps as your stamina increases.

Tip: While curling up, focus to bring your abs and rib cage in close proximity whilst keeping your neck and shoulder relaxed. 


6. Side Plank

Body Part: Core strengthening 

Muscles Involved: Abs & Glutes


  • Lie on your left side on the floor or mat. Extend your legs, stack your right leg exactly over the left one.
  • Position your left elbow directly under the shoulder, line up your head with your spine while your butt and left knee should be touching the floor or mat.
  • Breathe out, contract your core and lift up your butt and left knee off the floor or mat.
  • The side of your left foot should still be in contact with the floor.
  • Breathe in, slowly return to the starting position and relax. Repeat with alternate sides.
  • Do reps of 10 on each side.Tip: For a harder variation:  (a) Extend the duration you are in the raised position.(b) Lift the upper leg off of the lower one, and raise it up to it reaches parallel with the floor. (c) Lift the lower leg off the floor whilst maintaining contact of the elbow and upper leg’s foot with the floor.Lastly, don’t forget to do some Stretching! It not only improves the blood circulation and relaxes the muscles but also reduces the chances of strain injuries.

From the entire team at HealthOne, we wish everyone a safe and healthy time at home with your loved ones.

One life. Live inspired.

Creative & Easy Workout Routines to do at Home for Beginners

Posted by Healthone on April 15 2020

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