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Do you look tired even after a cup of coffee... or three? Does under-eye concealer only feel like a temporary fix? If you wish there was a way to look fresher, awake, and glowing... you’re in luck! It’s called under-eye filler – or as some of our patients call it, magic. 

“When I perform under-eye filler, I literally see the transformation happen before my eyes,” says Ada Shim, Aesthetic Injections Specialist & Skin Clinic Director. “It’s so satisfying – and people really love that instant gratification factor.” 

As an experienced nurse with years of experience performing this specialized treatment, Ada is passionate about helping people become their most confident selves. We sat down with her to learn all about under-eye filler and the magic that happens at our MediSpa & Skin Clinic.  

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What Is Under-Eye Filler?

First things first: what exactly is under-eye filler? It's an injectable procedure performed by an experienced nurse like Ada. 

The term “filler” in this case refers to hyaluronic acid, a substance made naturally in the body that attracts and retains water. When injected around the under-eyes, it essentially “fills in” the deep or sunken-in areas. “Performing under eye filler a very advanced skill,” she explains. “It’s done using a cannula which is blunt, as opposed to a needle which I might use for other areas of the face like the lips, cheek, or chin.”  

It isn’t a simple procedure that just any Nurse Injector can perform. If you’re looking for under-eye filler in Toronto, you’ll need an injector who specializes in this treatment. Visiting a skilled professional like Ada will ensure this delicate area of the face is treated with the utmost care and attention while providing you with results that look effortless and fresh. 

“When you visit someone who knows how to perform this procedure properly, you won’t have to worry about looking overdone or like a Kardashian. You’ll just look like yourself and very well rested.” 

Best Under-Eye Filler

According to Ada, one of the best under-eye filler products is Belotero Balance. She loves it because it’s soft and integrates nicely with your own tissues. Certain filler products will just sit under the skin – and in extreme situations, can almost give the illusion of bumps or worms. “In comparison, Belotero blends in nicely with the skin which is ultimately the goal we’re trying to achieve,” she says. 

At HealthOne Skin Clinic, we’re passionate about providing our patients with high-quality treatments and results. That’s why we use only the best of the best products – including the best under-eye filler. This means your results will look amazing when you first leave our clinic and they’ll stay looking amazing for months to come. 

How Long Does Under Eye Filler Last?

Since filler is made using hyaluronic acid, your body will naturally break down and get rid of the substance over time. A variety of factors can influence how quickly this happens including your age, metabolism, and the area that was treated. 

Lip fillers may wear off more quickly, for example, because the lips are constantly moving throughout the day. In comparison, an area like the under eyes tends to last longer because once the filler is injected it stays in one place. 

“The under eyes is definitely the part that lasts the longest,” Ada shares. “This is because it sits deep on the bone. Because of this, it could last up to 24 months before you need a touch-up – but it really depends on the person.” 

The goal is to see patients until they’re happy with their results. Ada takes a “less is more” approach, especially with under-eye filler, to leave room for adjustments and top-ups after healing. “I correct to maybe 70-80% since that hyaluronic acid substance is going to draw more water over a couple of weeks,” she explains. When the patient returns for a follow-up, she’ll ask if they’re happy with their results and do a touch-up if needed. 

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Under-Eye Filler Cost

An important question you might be asking yourself is how much under-eye filler costs. This can vary depending on the amount of filler being used and how many appointments you come in for. 

“It’s around $600-1200 on average unless it’s someone with a lot of laxities,” Ada says. Pricing is subject to change. “With this treatment, I always like to remind people that it’s one of the most long-lasting filler procedures out of everything we do. You may spend $1200, but you’ll be good for 12-18+ months. People love that instant gratification factor and the fact that the results are so long-lasting.” 

Depending on your unique facial structure, Ada may also recommend additional filler treatments to really make your results pop. The most common example of this she performs is combining under-eye treatment with cheek filler! 

The Cheek and Under-Eye Combo

It’s possible to only receive under-eye filler treatment, but did you know that a lot of injectable patients also get cheek filler? Ada shares that this combination of treatments, known as “periorbital rejuvenation” or the “signature under eye and cheek treatment” can really take your look to the next level. 

A lot of people have hollow under-eyes due to genetics. When combined with a lack of fatty tissue and lift in the cheek area, this makes the under-eye area look even more sunken and tired. “That’s why I like to combine under-eye filler with cheek support in those types of patients because once you lift and contour the cheeks, the whole eye area will look better too.” 

This kind of transformation can do wonders for your confidence, she adds. Don’t believe us? Here are some before and afters of Ada’s signature treatment. 

Under-Eye Filler Before and After

Before & after

You might be surprised to learn that both men and women can benefit from this treatment! Almost anyone can benefit from these natural, believable results.  

If you’re interested in getting under-eye filler treatment yourself, the first step is to book a consultation with Ada. During this appointment, she’ll speak with you about your desired goals and outcomes. Then, she’ll develop a treatment plan to help you achieve the look you’re going for. 

“Consultations are huge because that’s when I can actually take a look at the face and come up with the most appropriate treatment plan and we can break it down and take baby steps, which is the safest approach anyway,” she shares. “All of these products are FDA and Health Canada approved for injections, so they’re super safe.” 

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Under-Eye Filler Toronto

At the end of the day, under-eye filler is a treatment that can do wonders! If you have hollow, sunken under-eyes, injectables from an experienced nurse like Ada can take your confidence to new heights.  

The downtime is minimal, the results are long-lasting, and the best part of all: you’ll look refreshed by the end of your appointment! It isn’t quite magic, but it is the next best thing.  

If you’re interested in getting under-eye filler in Toronto, Ada would love the opportunity to meet you and discuss your aesthetic treatment options! Click here to book an appointment with Ada Shim, Aesthetic Injections Specialist. 

One Life. Live Inspired. 

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Instant Refresh: The Magic of Under-Eye Filler Explained

Posted by Healthone on September 18 2022

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