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Do you or your partner feel like you have been struggling to communicate, trust one another, or regain your intimacy? This might seem scary, but it isn’t unusual.

All people in relationships will struggle at some point. Most will try to handle these problems on their own, and many will succeed. However, the cause(s) of an issue in the relationship might not be obvious. It can become difficult for people to get to the roots of the problems on their own.

This is why help from a therapist can be greatly beneficial. Not only for you as individuals, but for the relationship as a whole.

At HealthOne, we provide many types of counselling. Individual therapy focuses solely on you, your needs, and how you can improve. Couples counselling is about you and your partner.

Our psychotherapist, Feven Gebremicael, has helped many couples successfully navigate their challenges. We sat down with her to learn the key reasons why couples seek professional help.

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What is Couples Counselling?

As we mentioned, couples counselling is a form of therapy designed to help you and your partner address and work through issues in the relationship. By working with a skilled therapist, you'll be able to individually voice your perspectives and concerns in a safe space with a trusted professional.

Some couples may find it difficult to identify when exactly it's time to bring in professional help, though. Here are 4 reasons why you may seek couples counselling.

Communication Issues

Communication is key, but it’s easier said than done. In fact, it’s one of the main challenges Feven sees in couples.

“It might feel impossible to get your partner to hear or understand you. The fear of causing a fight or getting shut down when expressing your feelings is common," she says.

"Most couples end up having the same argument over and over. Sometimes the content is different or the trigger varies. But the argument at its core is the same. This becomes a negative dance in the relationship. A skilled therapist can help you find your healthy rhythm again.”

Working with a psychotherapist will provide a safe, inclusive, and empathetic space. It will also allow you to discuss your feelings. Since a therapist does not have a stake in the relationship, they can provide an unbiased environment for communication.

They can also give you helpful tools to improve your communication. This will strengthen your confidence in building a future together.

Broken Trust

Broken Trust

Experiencing a betrayal of trust is a confusing place to be in. It’s also a good time to seek help. Oftentimes, the injured partner may not know if they want to stay in the relationship. Despite thinking they would never stay with a partner after being betrayed, they might want to work things out.

On the other hand, the partner who did the betrayal is often remorseful. They usually would like to repair the relationship but are unsure how to. A therapist can evaluate your unique dilemma and help both parties understand what led to this breaking of trust.

“In counselling, the impact the betrayal had on the relationship would be explored. We would look at what was happening that led to this place. We would also look at the interactional cycle that was happening before the affair and find a way to repair it in the future," Feven explains.

Our therapists offer free Meet & Greet appointments so you can learn more about how their therapy style might benefit your situation.

Sex Therapy

Sexuality is a vital part of any healthy relationship with a partner. There are a wide variety of sexuality-related issues that can arise.

“Examples may include worries about judgment or self-judgment regarding sexual desires, reduced pleasure, reduced or unmet heightened desire, differences in sexual needs/desires, difficulties with arousal, and more.”

It’s important to note that sex-related issues don’t always stem from sex. Often, there’s an underlying cause. This is why getting to the root cause with the help of a professional is so important. It helps to avoid issues getting worse and can repair your intimacy.

Strayed Connection

Strayed Connection

Lastly, couples who seek the help of a therapist can feel that they’re growing apart. This is a natural part of all healthy relationships.

“Whether it’s poor communication, family issues, infidelity, substance abuse issues, or anything in-between, therapy can make a difference for the better," Feven shares.

"A stable marriage is built on love and trust. Perhaps something has happened to make it difficult to do either. Therapy can help you re-identify what’s valuable and unique about your bond. This will de-clutter the situation so you can focus on what matters most.”

Life events, stressors, and emotions are inevitable challenges you and your partner will face. Addressing them early on with a professional is a great way to avoid them getting worse. This is why we're proud to offer couples counselling at our clinic.

Working out the best course of action will leave you both feeling better about the relationship, and most importantly, your future.

Couples Counselling Toronto

At the end of the day, dealing with challenges in your relationship can be discouraging for both you and your partner. By seeking couples counselling in Toronto, you can begin your journey towards a better understanding of each other and an improved relationship overall.

We recommend trying couples counselling before you or your partner feels the relationship cannot be saved. Many couples wait an average of six years after problems arise to seek professional help. This increases the chances that it will be less effective.

By working with a therapist such as Feven, you and your partner will be able to address your concerns before it gets too much to handle. Learn more about couples counselling and the other services our team offers.

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4 Reasons to Seek Couples Counselling

Posted by Healthone on September 13 2020

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