“Meditation is an important part of connecting us to ourselves and everyone we care about. But it’s not always easy!  Muse®can help us develop and refine our practice.”

- HealthOne Chief of Staff, Dr. Dhanjit Litt

Meditating with Muse® Works

A recent study at the Catholic University of Milan showed that four weeks with Muse® created a physiological change akin to a more relaxed baseline brain state and improved cognitive performance, compared to controls.

Read about the study here and here.

In a separate study through Partners Healthcare’s Center for Connected Health, study participants who used Muse® showed a measurable reduction in stress and increased resilience. Read about the study here.

Coming Soon: New Premium Content

Our practitioners at HealthOne can’t wait to try the upcoming release from Muse®; a premium content offering that will contain hundreds of guided voice meditations from leading meditation teachers, as well as the integration of intelligent voice guidance with biosignal feedback - together providing an unparalleled level of personalized coaching in the meditation app space.

"This level of personalized meditation guidance with responsive feedback brings a whole new dimension of individualized coaching."

- Chris Aimone, Muse® Co-Founder and CTO

We are excited to be carrying both the Original Muse® and Muse 2 at the HealthOne Hub! Our Health Advocates are always available to answer all of your questions about using this technology to take your meditation practice to the next level.