Getting rid of unwanted body hair becomes more of a priority for all of us (all the time) during the summer.

Perhaps you are focusing on the face, underarms, chest, nose or ears. Or perhaps it’s your arms and legs, back, or more private areas.

Rachel Pooyanmehr, an Advanced Cosmetic Nurse at HealthOne, has seen it all.


Clients come to her for cosmetic reasons, comfort or just plain convenience. And with more skin showing during the hot summer months, her schedule has gotten busier.

Rachel says many of her clients are women, but now there are more men coming for hair removal as well. Finding effective treatment methods to suit a client's needs is difficult.

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Methods for Body Hair Removal


There are four common courses of action that people take.  

The first one is shaving. This is the most popular way to get rid of unwanted hair. It’s quick, easy and convenient. But it’s awkward and a little dangerous. Since you are using a razor, often in sensitive areas, you will need to be careful. Hair grows in again very quickly. Your hair will be thicker and coarser. Stubble can get itchy. Ingrown hair, nicks and razor bumps are also common side effects. 

The second method is body waxing. You can also do this at home. The results are longer lasting than shaving or creams, but it’s painful and messy.

It requires some degree of skill and may be too harsh for sensitive skin.

Burns and ingrown hairs are common side effects. Bacteria can also spread by double dipping the wax stick. 


Body Hair Removal Cream

The third option is body hair removal cream, also known as depilatory creamsThese are also popular at-home treatments since they are relatively quick.

Creams often reach little hairs that can be missed by the razor. However, results last only a bit longer than shaving.

Some hairs may be more resistant and need more time for treatment. This increases the chance of irritation, and even chemical burn. Chemicals also have a strong, unpleasant odour.


Body Laser Hair Removal

The fourth method of body hair removal is laser hair removal. It’s a more permanent option that uses a pulsating beam of light. The light changes to heat which damages the follicles that produce the hairs. Laser hair removal is an especially effective method for those with darker, coarser hair. It has also been proven through clinical research as an effective method for removing unwanted body hair.

All you have to do to prep is shave the area of the body that you want to be lasered. Depending on the device, it might not work for grey, lighter or blonder hair. This can be because there isn’t enough pigment to attract the laser’s heat.

Again, depending on the device, this can lead to irritation on the skin’s surface. HealthOne uses the state-of-the-art Venus Velocity diode laser hair removal treatment system. It works for all hair and skin types.

“Laser hair removal has become a popular option for full body hair removal,” Rachel says. “The Venus machine works very fast. I have worked with all of them, and I can tell you this is the best laser machine in North America.”

Perhaps you’ve never thought of the laser option, especially for common areas of the body like the legs, the bikini area or underarms. Indeed, maybe you have been standing in front of a mirror, endlessly shaving, or painfully plucking out the hair, body waxing or using store-bought creams.

HealthOne’s Venus Velocity technology offers a quick, comfortable and protected treatment, thanks in part to an advanced cooling system that kicks in immediately. It’s customized for each session, and for the individual client’s needs. The results from the Venus laser option are permanently reducing hair growth, eliminating ongoing care issues and saving money and time going forward.

It makes you feel more confident. Hair-free skin just looks healthier and smoother. Sometimes there is a medical reason why a client wants to get hair removal. It’s popular among people who are active, since extra body hair is uncomfortable, and makes them perspire more.

For athletes like bodybuilders, for example, it’s a whole other issue – getting rid of body hair better shows off the sharpness of the muscular physique, especially on a tanned body. Many cyclists also prefer to remove body hair – for better aerodynamics, as well as making lower body massages more comfortable after the ride.

Body Hair Removal for Men

This effective body hair removal technique isn’t only for women. Many men also seek out laser hair removal for smooth, long-lasting results.  

They might want a small section done or a larger area, like their chest or back. Rest assured, at HealthOne we’re happy to help any and every patient who visits us. As long as our nurse reviews your medical history and determines that you are a good candidate for laser hair removal, you can look forward to achieving those hair-free results.

Body Hair Removal Toronto

In terms of comfort, professionalism and quality, there is a world of difference in having a laser treatment performed by a certified nurse or physician like Rachel, using the industry’s best technology.

“Our clients’ health and safety is always top priority,” she says. Any health issues that could negatively impact the procedure are covered during an initial consultation.  
That’s why it’s important to be dealing with a certified doctor or nurse.

“A nurse who is doing these types of procedures will be completely familiar with the rules, regulations and responsibilities regarding public health,” she says.  
“They understand anatomy, physiology [how the body functions], and the integumentary system [skin, hair and nails, the tissue below the skin, and assorted glands] as well as the systems specific to the procedure being done.” 

Laser hair removal is more comfortable when done by an attentive and knowledgeable nurse practitioner. Especially in a HealthOne environment that’s inviting and safe.

If there is any discomfort during a session, let the nurse know. They will adjust the setting on the machine.

The length of a session depends on the area of the body being treated, and your comfort level. Under the arms could take ten minutes, for example. Clients return to their daily routine right after the treatment.

Our specialists recommend six sessions spaced out by six weeks each. This means a full cycle can take up to nine months.

“Because the process is so fast and painless, there are none of the usual nerves involved when considering laser hair removal,” says Rachel.

There are many methods available for people who want to remove unwanted body hair. Quality, comfort, and safety are the differentiators.

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The 4 Most Effective Methods For Face And Body Hair Removal

Posted by Healthone on August 9 2020

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