At HealthOne, we know that maintaining your oral health is an important part of healthy living.

Having a great Dentist can alleviate any anxiety about getting regular cleanings, and make sure you are receiving the best possible care for your teeth.

Dental Care Quick Facts

  • Shockingly, only 4 % of Canadians follow the dentist-recommended oral care regimen of brushing, flossing, and rinsing.
  • This survey also revealed that 26 % of Canadians visit the dentist less than once a year.
  • Moreover, 19% of them reported usually visiting a dentist only for emergencies.
  • 42 % of them saying they can't afford it and 29% specifically citing a lack of dental insurance as the reasons they don't go.

These findings highlight the need for consistent efforts toward improving Dental and Oral care use among Canadians.

Points to Consider when Choosing a Dentist in Toronto


1. Your Family is the First Priority

Kids can typically be the ones most terrified about visiting a dentist. So, finding a Dentist with a good pediatric experience is key. This will help them feel comfortable and at ease. However, anxiety prior to dental visits is common for adults too!  So finding a friendly dental clinic is always an important step.

2. Qualification and Experience

Consider your specific dental care needs and choose someone with experience. Your Dentist should have experience in handling specialized cases as well as General Dentistry.

3. Dental Services

Check for the services they provide, you never know when you need to see an Emergency Dentist, get Invisalign, teeth whitening, or have a crown put in.

Moreover, it is more hectic to keep moving from one Dentist to the other for specialized care.

Check if your potential Family Dentist can provide more than just the General Dentistry for your family. You can check with the reviews of the patient’s or talk to the staff for any query.

4. Conducive Atmosphere and Technology 

Choose a dentist with modern, top-of-the-line technology. New technology can help Dentists to locate the problem earlier so that they can recommend extra preventive care.

5. Availability and location

It’s absolutely fine to choose the best in the city, but rather than waiting for weeks for an appointment or driving for two hours in bad traffic, you may prefer having a Dentist close to where you live or work.

Pay attention to their hours of operation, and how quickly you are able to schedule an appointment with both the hygienist and dentist.

The Bottom Line

Do some research and never be nervous to ask questions! The better the dentist would be, the more willing the Dentist will be to accommodate your requests.

Lastly, a great Dental office will definitely serve you with all they can—with a warm- welcoming and conducive environment, and friendly, well-informed staff—to win a long term relationship with all of their patients.

After all, your teeth deserve the best care you can give them.

Thank you for reading.

At HealthOne Dental, we care for you. We have a team of 3 dentists on staff who can assist you with any of your Dental issues. We offer Saturday hours as well so that you never have to miss work for an appointment.

We can best schedule your appointment for the entire family in order to reduce your trips to our clinic. To have any of your questions answered, call our Dental Clinic today!

One life, live inspired.

5 Steps to Consider When Choosing a Family Dentist in Toronto

Posted by Healthone on November 30 2019

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